About us

Kos ta Bon!, a positive name. Everything is good!

"Kosta Bon stands for thinking outside the box and looking for options for your Mortgage and Pension. The person as an individual is central to us. Why take out your mortgage with us? All banks under one roof. One-stop shopping, a fixed contact person for our customers We save you time, money and energy that is what we stand for!”

-Richard Kos, Director


What can Kos Ta Bon! mean to you?

  • We are specialized in advising and mediating pensions, insurances, and mortgages on Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire, and Sint Maarten.
  • We have been active in the brokerage industry for more than 15 years and bring years of experience in the field of mortgages and pension solutions and associated insurance.
  • We are a professional discussion partner for you at banks, asset managers, civil-law notaries, tax specialists, accountants, and brokers.
  • Personal contact, independence and protection of customer data are central to our services!
  • Depending on your wishes and possibilities, we will look for the best financial solution for your pension, insurance, and mortgage

Who are we?

Richard Kos, Senior mortgage advisor

Esther Jacobs, supportive mortgage advisor

Peter Bakker, Senior insurance advisor

Avalon Hook, supportive insurance advisor

Michael Cijntje, mortgage advisor